Biohealth industry

Sectors such as food and beverage, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemicals require optimum air filtration to ensure the quality of finished products, minimize energy costs and guarantee human safety.

Optimal sizing of filtration systems, together with the right choice of filter media and Aldair Industrial Filtration elements, are critical to achieve the required sterility and stability of processes in laboratories, clean rooms or production lines, while certifications such as Eurovent or standards such as EN1822 are mandatory in many of these activities.

Services and supplies for industry

Professionals such as maintenance, engineering, facility services or PRL companies, specialized in different areas that companies need to hire to improve their processes or ensure other critical ones, require the support of a brand like Aldair Industrial Filtration, with a wide range and quality products, endorsed by international standards such as ISO 16890 or Directive 94/9/CE (ATEX) among others. In this way, a quality service is guaranteed to achieve the complete satisfaction of the end customer, thanks to a filtration solution adapted to each need.

Manufacturing processes

Equipment protection through reliable filtration avoids unnecessary downtime and breakdowns on critical machines. Industries such as aeronautics, plastic injection, automotive, machining, forming or graphic arts have very specific needs for air conditioning, dust collection (requiring quality exhaust air up to H13) or maintenance of large compressor rooms and the compressed air line and, above all, require that these solutions, under the umbrella of a quality brand like Aldair Industrial Filtration, guarantee the stability and safety of the systems.

Railway industry

In the railway industry, the quality of compressed air plays a critical role in braking systems, pneumatically operated doors or self-leveling air suspension, among others, while cabin air conditioning ensures the comfort and well-being of passengers. In this sense, Aldair Industrial Filtration's filtration solutions guarantee the absence of solid contaminants, aerosols and water that can cause corrosion, allowing optimal operation of compressors, compressed air systems and air conditioning and ventilation systems, gaining in efficiency and protection of people.

The maritime transport sector for people and goods, as well as the fishing industry or shipyards are operating environments with high levels of corrosion, humidity and contamination. In addition, the main engine, auxiliary engines, pneumatic systems, refrigeration compressors and room air conditioning systems require optimal filtration, from pre-filtration or absolute filtration, to condensate separators, activated carbon filters or filtration for industrial refrigeration, to ensure their protection and avoid loss of efficiency and unexpected shutdowns that lead to costly repairs. The Aldair Industrial Filtration filtration range allows to unify in a single brand the necessary answer for such a demanding industry.


Air filtration in the power industry is critical to ensure process efficiency and safety. Wind turbines, large cogeneration engines, gas turbines or combined cycle plants have extreme demands in terms of air intake, and the environmental conditions in which they operate can be extreme and fluctuate greatly in terms of temperature, humidity, pollution, etc. Efficient, quality and adapted filtration solutions, such as those of Aldair Industrial Filtration, guarantee the necessary protection of equipment that is not only very costly, but also difficult to access and essential for business development.

Transformation of raw materials

Activities such as mining, iron and steel, the oil and gas industry, paper mills or the production of paints and inks need to minimize their impact on the environment during the transformation process. But, at the same time, they must reduce costs in plant energy consumption and maximize business productivity. Aldair Industrial Filtration's dust collection, compressed air and air conditioning solutions optimize processes and protect workers and the environment, while ensuring environmental compliance.

Industrial paint booths industrial

Poor filtration in paint booths can result in a significant loss of time and money as suspended particles spoil finishes, leading to imperfections that result in part rejection, rework and loss of profitability. Industrial booths require high air flow rates for operational reliability, along with a high degree of separation so that process residues do not affect people or contaminate the environment. Aldair Industrial Filtration provides filtration solutions from pre-filtration at the booth air intake to fine filtration or outlet filtration.

Industrial paint booths industrial


Thanks to our supplies and the knowledge of our experts, we contribute to the high performance in energy production, avoiding losses due to production stoppages and guaranteeing the correct functioning of the systems.




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